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[English] 'Uragiri no Yuuyake' Durarara!! [TV-size]

295 views 2 weeks ago
Hey guys, Daaro is back for another English Cover, today we delve into the anime Durarara! The Opening is what gets you pumped to see what DRR!! has in store for you!
Let's GO!

Original Artist: Theater Book
Anime: Durarara!!
Vocals and Mix: Daaro
Lyrics: Y.Chang

MP3 Download: https://soundcloud.com/daar...


In the heat of the sun your sweat runs dry
Walking hard to the beat of the crowd
Hear the city sing her song
She cries
'Everybody's got a right to be proud'
Roar out loud
Break the silence
When it's looking like no end's in sight
Roar out louder
Stop the violence
Pick up the pieces of your heart tonight

Look above the horizon
See the sun shining through
If you keep trucking on, don't stop believing
Maybe then your prayers will be answered too

Look above the horizon
Shooting up through the moon
If you keep holding tight
Onto that feeling
Maybe Lady Luck will give into you

Everybody's got a tune
To pull them through 'til tomorrow
Through sorrow
If you're feeling like you wanna stop believing
Take another look, all you gotta do

Look above the horizon
Lining up all the fools
'Cause it's heads or it's tails
No rhyme or reason
Baby in the end it ain't up to you Show less
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