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"You See It" DaKidAwMe ft. Th4tTwisted0ne [Prod. by RedBoyBeatz]

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"You See It" - DaKidAwMe ft. Th4tTwisted0ne
Produced by RedBoyBeatz

Different Song. Familiar Beat.
#DeificInk #HitzAcademy #31000 #RealLife


"You See It"

[Hook x2]
No Matter What We Doin' - No Matter What We Gettin'!
No Matter Where We Goin' - No Matter What We Whippin'!
You See It... You See It...
You See It... You See It...

[Verse 1]
Ok, Let's Get It - I'mma Tell You Where I'm Headed,
Ascending In My City, To The Top And Don't Forget It! // 1
I Ain't Movin' Out Positions, Twistin' Or No Pivot!
I Am The Competition, So Get It How You Live It! // 2
Yeah, Stadium My Stats, Super Hero On My Tracks,
Whenever I'm At Bat, Put My Gotham On My Back! // 3
My Team Above Myself Like We Won The Game's A Wrap,
All Ya'll Lames Get From Us, Is A Good Game And A Pat! // 4
Pull Up Got'em Starin'! My Chick, My Whip, Leh Go!
Two Up Call It Pairin'! Don't Act Like You Don't Know! // 5

[Hook x2]


[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
Bitch, I'm Ridin' Shotgun, While My Niggaz Mashin' Gas,
Hataz Wanna Stop'em - But They Ain't Flashin' Cash! // 1
Ain't Poppin' - You Ain't You Shit! Fuck Yo' Dawgs And Fuck Yo' Clique!
What'chu Got - I'll Take Yo' Whip! You Got Songs But They Ain't Hit! // 2
Circle Small, But they 'Bout This, We Ain't Even Gotta Wild...
Stand Around And Laugh, You Get Mad, In Your Face We Smile... // 3
Runnin' This, Fo' Sho! On Your Mark, Get Ready, Set, Go!
Still In Place, So Slow! Take To Heart, We Deadly, Let's, Go! // 4
Lil Niggaz Talkin' - Where's Your Flow And Where's Your Shows!
Grown Niggaz Talkin' - So Don't Act Like You Don't Know! // 5

[Hook x2]


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