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Il Neige

SUB ZERO - Let it Go Parody

29,158 views 4 months ago
Brings whole new meaning to "Frozen."

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My soul burns white on the hellscape tonight. Not a virtue to be seen
A kingdom of damnation and it looks like I'm the king
The Shirai Ryu clan is buried in the ground
And to this revenge I am honor-bound

He killed my wife, he killed my son
Now I'm going to kill Bi-Han
For what the Lin Kuei did to me
You'll see

Sub Zero, Sub Zero, Hanzo Hasahi is gone
Sub Zero, Sub Zero, My name is Scorpion
I don't care who gets in my way
Vengeance will be mine
Get over here and feel my fataility

I'm running out of patience. This is going much too slow
I could have sworn I killed this ninja two tournaments ago

Come here and see what I can do
I'll beat the cold piss out of you
Take off my mask and bring the heat

Sub Zero, Sub Zero, no other death will suffice
Sub Zero, Sub Zero, I'm gonna kick your ice
Mark my words! There is hell to pay
Vengeance will be mine

A chain flies from my hand and penetrates your spine
I teleport off-screen then punch you from the other side
And if you try to counter with your icy blast
That's when I'll use my fists to rip open your chest

Sub Zero, Sub Zero, to the Netherealm and back
Sub Zero, Sub Zero, 'til your face is blue and black
Mark my words! I don't care who gets in my way
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