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The Gangnam Style Fox Video Mashup

150,098 views 6 months ago
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We were all comparing these two songs anyway so I went ahead and squished them both together. But for all you hungry interwebers out there just the audio wasn't good enough so here is what you begged for: The Gangnam Style Fox Video Mashup!!!

The only reason I made this was to have fun with it. I love DJing, and love making music. I would argue that this video is protected by Fair Use Policy. I made this solely for entertainment and parody. I am not selling this anywhere or making anything off of advertising publishing. I have declined all offers presented to me related to this song and will continue to do so. The only offer I will accept is a chance to come DJ at your venue, party, wedding, club, festival, concert, whatever. I do what I love and love what I do.

Thank you very much for your support. You can continue to support me by Following me on Twitter and SoundCloud.
Also visit my blog for an in-depth look into my musical adventures and behind the scen es on how I make the mixes and songs I do. Thanks again.

Mashup of the Millenium - The Gangnam Style Fox
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