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Ian Eastwood

@Ian_Eastwood Choreography | @Pharrell - "Brand New" feat. @jtimberlake

118,347 views 2 weeks ago
Go to www.danceon.com/contest/blend-­in-the-good to get more details on the contest. The July and August prizes are trips to California and tickets to great shows! Upload your dance videos to YouTube and be sure to use the hashtags #BlendintheGoodContest and #JambaJuice in the title of your video to be eligible!

Hey guys, hopefully you guys really enjoy this one! I had a really awesome opportunity to team up with Jamba Juice and Dance On for this fun project and was already waiting to do this phenomenal song by Pharrell and JT and thought this would be a great and fitting mood for the collab! There isn't a lot of deepness to this piece mostly just dancing to feel good hence my tie in to the Jamba campaign 'Blend in the good'. Sometimes it's as simple as having fun! I'm super thankful for my boys Trevor and Nathan coming through to dance in this video because I literally taught and shot the piece within 2 and a half hours which I've never done for any video on my channel ever. Thank you to Jon (Commonless) for shooting and Megan B. for running to get our Jamba/Photos.

Choreographed, edited, & directed yours truly.

Thank you guys for all the support, I hope you smiled!

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