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D2D UnderGround

Kenny McNeil Presents: D2D (Dare 2 Dream) - We'll Find A Way [Music Video] (Radio Edit)

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"WE'LL FIND A WAY" is a song that is etched in passion. We hope that it inspires people to find a way to rise above all their circumstances and the problems currently affecting them. -- D2D

Written & Performed by Kenny McNeil (K Mac): http://D2DWYD.com
Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Matthew Shell (MTS): http://MTSmusic.net
Piano by C. Shell
Additional Instrumentation by Marcus Singleton
Recorded at Assembly Line Studios, Vienna VA
Mastered by Gordon Davies at Single Track Audio, Vernon, NJ
Video Shot & Edited by John Ledbetter
© 2012 D2D UnderGround

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"We'll Find A Way"

Without pain, there's no hope
You don't have to worry
We are going to make it

[Verse 1]
They pollute our minds
just like the earth and ocean

They tell us to don't move
but to stay in motion

With all this drama they want us
to show no emotion

When the sky falls
they still want our devotion

Why can't we write sub-conscious
on the world's stages

Bring our love together
and turn the pages

One thing that will always stay the same
is change

We will shine
through the rain
through the clouds
Any storm any weather
We'll find a way

[Verse 2]
We live in blind faith
through all the perils

Believe in something
not sure if its there

Have every reason
to just flea the world

Can't take the money
to the underworld

[Sing Along]
So we live and we pray
and proceed to maintain
from day to day
to day to day



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© 2012 D2D UnderGround - www.D2DWYD.com

D2D (Dare 2 Dream) - "What's Your Dream?" album preview @ http://generationbass.com/2012/10/18/d2d-whats-your-dream/

Many thanks to the DJ's, friends, and fans spinning our music. We truly appreciate your support.

• Genre: R&B / Pop / Hip Hop

• Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

• Album: Dare To Dream / What's Your Dream?

• Executive Produced, Vocal Produced & Arranged by D2D

• Lead Songwriter & Artist: Kenny McNeil (K Mac)

• Lead Producer, Engineered & Mixed by MTS

• Business Director: JJ

• Mastered by Gordon Davies at Single Track Audio

• Recorded at Assembly Line Studios

• Album Art by Teo Acosta & John Ledbetter of Jay Dexter Photo

• 3D Logo Design by Scott Shackleford & Anthony McBorrough of McBorrough & Associates Solutions, LLC.

• Album Pressed & Shrink-wrapped by DiscMakers

• All artists are with BMI except for Bomani Armah (ASCAP) & Alisha Endre (ASCAP)

• "The Composer" Bryan Nelson Appears Courtesy of Atlantic Records & Purple Note Music

• Marcus Singleton Appears Courtesy of Six Zero Productions

• J. Scott G. Appears Courtesy of Summer Channel & Libra Rising
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