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Once Upon a Time in 1972 Trailer

2,353 views 3 years ago
Once Upon a Time in 1972 is a transistorpunk, science fiction, action-adventure, period piece. We are currently screening at festivals and conventions - let us know if you would like to arrange a showing!

Comment below or email us at killvampirelincoln@gmail.com if you want to know when it is online! Show less
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Mostly Comedy with some Science fiction and random art projects!
  • Unicorns

    Just two guys chillin, thinkin about unicorns.

    Directed by Chris Lukeman
    Acted and shot by Magic Hugs
    Produced for alt.news 26:46
  • Free Robot

    Random run in with an unassuming automaton in Champaign Illinois.

    Huge thanks to all of our extras and Robot operators!

    Director: Chris Lukeman
    Starring: Michael Bach

    Music: "The Baby E...
  • Volkspinning, Dancing VW

    Pretty great stop motion animation of my '68 Convertible.

    Took right around 10 hours to shoot on a still camera and edit.
  • Man Wrap Fake Commercial

    When you and your bros are dripping wet there is one linen on which you can bet!

    Produced for National Emmy-Winning magazine show AltNews 26:46 in Carbondale Illinois, acting by Tim Wilkerson a...
  • Interrogation

    One hard boiled man's search for answers leads him to question not only the suspect, but *himself*
  • Roger Ebert and The University of Illinois -vs- A Mummy

    Roger Ebert unofficially endorses "The University of Illinois -vs- A Mummy," a b-horror flick, while at the same time making fun of our box art.

    Recorded at Ebertfest 2006 in the Virginia Theate...
In the probably-alternate 1970s, an ominous portal hangs in the sky and killer robots live among us. Scientist heroes fight evil with rayguns and disco in our sci-fi webseries!

The Transient Play

Promotional Materials for The Transient, an award winning (ahah) independent film about a homeless man and his caseworker trying to stop Vampire Abraham Lincoln from kidnapping four score and seven virgins.
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