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The Sangin' Cowboys

The Sangin' Cowboys Say Goodbye

15,249 views 9 months ago
Well y'all, it's been a wild ride, but it's time for that ride to come to an end. It's time to say goodbye to Clyde and Ray Ray.

Circumstances have changed in our lives, and due to those circumstances, we will no longer be able to create YouTube videos. We would like to thank all of you for watching our videos and for your support. We really appreciate it and have enjoyed making fools of ourselves to hopefully brighten your day and provide a few laughs.

The end of this video features a song we wrote and recorded called "They Need a Cowboy". This song is a parody of Bonnie Tyler's 1980s hit "Holding Out For a Hero". We hope y'all enjoy it!

Thanks again for letting us entertain you over the past three and a half years!

Special thanks to Charley Brown of Contraption Films for providing the music and backing vocals to "They Need a Cowboy". Check out more of his work here:


Lyrics to "They Need A Cowboy"

Where have all the cowboys gone?
They're nowhere to be found
Who's gon' make the sweet thangs swoon
Will no allsomeness around?
Isn't there a John Wayne
To make the ladies scream?
We need someone to fill in the void
And give them what they need


They need a cowboy
They're really needin' some cowboy love in their life
He's got to be rowdy
He's got to be wild
And he's got to know how to bull ride
They need a cowboy
They're really needin' some cowboy love in their life
He's got to be sexy
He's got to be hot
And he's got to be Ray Ray or Clyde

Cowboys hats are on their minds
And mustaches in their dreams
Some will feel their hearts pound fast
Others get weak in the knees
Lookin' for a new man
Somethin' that they've never seen
So we take off our sunglasses
Our eyes shoot out sexy beams


We make 'em happy and we fill 'em with love
And our sangin' just drives 'em wild
Can't you see all the sweet thangs gittin' riled up?
They can't resist a country boy's charm
We treat womanfolk right
Got 'em screamin' yee-haw all through the night

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