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System Change Play

System Change not Climate Change is a multi-media tool for climate justice that is being organized by the Council of Canadians' Climate Justice for People and the Planet campaign. http://systemchange.ca

Energy and Climate Play

Canada now produces about 40 per cent more oil than it consumes, but has to rely heavily on imported oil from offshore. Thanks to NAFTA, Canada now exports 70 per cent of the oil and 61 per cent of the natural gas we produce each year to the United States. NAFTA prevents us from selling our energy resources at rates lower than we sell them in the U.S. We also cant ever cut back on the proportion of energy we produce and sell to the United States, even in times when our country runs short.

The Council of Canadians believes that we need a made in Canada energy security strategy that promotes sustainable energy, and allows citizens to pay a fair price.


System Change - Framing the Crisis Play

Videos from the System Change not Climate Change project that focus on framing the crisis. www.systemchange.ca
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