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Two Important Items...Sandra Aistars news.

301 views 8 months ago
I have two important items for you.

First, the Department of Commerce Internet Policy Task Force issued a report today on Copyright Policy, Creativity and Innovation in the Digital Economy.
The study calls for, among other things, "that copyright policy and our global internet policies should work in tandem." I think this comprehensive study proves that consumer trust, and collaboration and innovation can flourish when both creative and technology interests come together. And we believe when crafting copyright and technology policy the government should recognize that the creative community and the technology community are partners, working towards the same ends.
This report is a nice companion to tomorrow's hearing on Capitol Hill, which is the second thing I want to tell you about.
I just want to say that we are looking forward to the testimony of the technology community witnesses in tomorrow's copyright review hearing on "Innovation in America: The Role of Technology."
I had the opportunity to testify last week. I explained to the committee, and my sense is that they were listening, that the creative community and technology community are partners and collaborators in many areas of innovation.
Our communities work together to create new tools and technologies for bringing creative works to audiences. Show less
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