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  • This is so funny!! You know for everyone trying to be a comic I think that all of these competitions are fantastic! IT gives them the notoriety that people begin searching for them online and stuff like that. For those comics out there looking to make some money and get yourself out there there a contest called make a star ( dot com) and basically its like american idol style contests except FINALLY they have a comedy group!!!! Not just for musicians but for us comedians too! You upload a video!

    $25,000 Grand Prize Winner-Scarborough Comedian Mark DeBonis-Yuk Yuks Great Canadian Laugh Off 2011

    Mark DeBonis' winning performance for the 2011 Yuk Yuks Great Canadian Laugh Off.
  • hahah that was my favorite line too. I enjoyed this performance. Are you doing more stand up? do you have a website or anything like that. You gotta get yourself out there if you are trying to do this professionally. Theres a contest make a star dot com ( thats the website..) but basically you just upload a video and you compete monthly for a cash prize and its just great to get yourself out there!!!

    First time doing stand up at yuk yuks!

    Note to self: next time wear diapers.
  • I am impressed that this was your first time! I love the comedy cellar and have seen some amazing talents there. You just get yourself out there in competitions and stuff like that. The ones I suggest online are the make a star competition. Its great that finally there is that american idol style contest for comedians. You could even just upload this exact video. its pretty funny! Plus you get your friends to vote and you can be part of the competition!

    First Time Doing Stand-Up: Gordon Alexander

    9/30/2010. My very first time doing stand-up. Ever. So if you're gonna comment, don't be a dick about it. This set is from the first of two showcases at The Comedy Cellar, in NYC, as part of their ...
  • u just made me laugh I think you have some amazing potential. I plan on checking out your blog spot and hopefully you will be going around me. I work with a lot of comedians and I suggest to all of them that they need to get themselves out there as much as possible. Have you heard of makeastar competition. basically its that- make a star dot com but the cool thing about it is you can upload a video ( just like this one) and have people and your friends go and vote on it and win money

    Peter's first time Stand Up at The World Famous Comedy Store

    Me doing stand up in the Main room at the Comedy Store in Hollywood, CA

    For more on my next performances visit Petergilroycomedy.blogspot.com
  • The senior value cellphone at Shopko

    • 2 years ago
    If you are looking at where to get the great svc phone... try shopko! I heard they are flying off the shelves so if you want to make sure .. call ahead. Best prices. Best services.
  • SVC by Tracfone available at Kmart

    • 2 years ago
    YOu can also get the svc at your local kmart. It truly is the best phone out there for seniors.
  • A phone just perfect for seniors

    • 2 years ago
    A phone that is simple and designed perfect for seniors. The battery stays charged for up to 2 weeks. That really is perfect for seniors.
  • So many things to like about svc

    • 2 years ago
    There is a lot of things to like about the svc cellphone. You can like the price, the phone, or the amazing nationwide service.
  • Seniors have great savings with Tracfone and SVC

    • 2 years ago
    For as low as $7.00, SVC offers nationwide, no contract coverage to seniors and a bill that doesn't rise every month. Plus its great on the eyes!!!
  • An unreal deal with Net10

    • 2 years ago
    The best thing about net10 is the at&t and verizon towers it uses.... kinda incredible right? Aside from that you are going to get the best prices with the BEST SERVICE. yes true.. 50 dollars a mon...
  • Finally! A phone for seniors thanks to SVC

    • 2 years ago
    For under $20, seniors have a great phone option just for them with large screen and easy to use functions...nationwide coverage starting at $7.00
  • A perfect phone and service for seniors by tracfone

    • 2 years ago
    This is a samsung T155 which is perfect for seniors. Take a look at this video to see how great the campatability is. Plus the price is fantastic!
  • Seniors must have a phone for emergencies!

    • 2 years ago
    Do not allow your grandparents and parents to go once again without a way to get in touch with them. For seven dollars a month you can feel safe knowing they are just a phone call away.
  • Don't let a silly gator scare you!

    • 2 years ago
    For the seniors in your life comes Tracfone's SVC line that offers low cost, nationwide coverage with no contract and no extra fees. Seniors have the benefit of a great network as well as low cost ...
  • Here are the facts of svc by tracfone.

    • 2 years ago
    SVC (senior value cell phone) is affordable and with no fees since there is no contract and no worry about rising bill costs. Its just the best thing out there for those who are super tech savy.. ...
  • does anybody know exactly the network svc uses? I like tracfone a lot but im wonderful. my experience with prepaid is pretty limited. Does it use ATT or Verizon ?

    Seniors, no need for landline. Use an SVC Tracfone

    SVC is the new Tracfone for senior citizens. Large display; big illuminated buttons; easy to use; hearing aid compatible.
  • My grandmother is so very pleased with SVC her cellphone_ I gave to her as a gift. Indeed when I purchase the SVC I had the idea it was $20 a month but no is like $7 or less per month. She_ is pleased with this amount and when there's another plan for life, I will switch her to it. It is very economical and she even told me she will pay for it, she feels so important with her SVC.

    Perfect emergency phone for seniors (and everybody else) SVC Tracfone

    SVC is the new Tracfone for senior citizens. Large display; big illuminated buttons; easy to use; hearing aid compatible.
  • The Straight Talk service have been a saving grace for me. There is just no other service that gives so much for so little money. Everything from the quality network to the low pricing just makes it so easy to recommend this service to others. I currently use the $45 unlimited everything plan and I just LOVE it!

    Try out the Straight Talk prepaid cell phone service

    You will probably save about 40-50 dollars if you use the Straight Talk unlimited service. No need to compromise on quality, carried on the Verizon network. Available at Walmart.
  • As a recent graduate on the go, Tracfone has been an exceptional service for me. No bills or contracts plus the nationwide service really gives me the freedom to get around the country and not have to worry about my cell phone bill. Adding minutes is simple and I haven't had a problem with my phone yet. The perfect service for people who genuinely want to talk and text on their own terms.

    Iphone vs Tracfone

    http://tinyurl.com/cpcunlimited Tracfone, the cell phone that puts you in control!

    Newly Discovered Cell Phone System Allows You To Tap Into The Fastest Growing Income Opportunity The Planet Ha...
  • Tracfone is an awesome deal for college students. You buy the minutes you need and only that. You don't have to worry about any extra fees (activation overage or cancellation) which means that you don't have to worry about paying an arm and a leg for your monthly cell phone. Great for college students or anyone on a budget.

    TracFone: Real cell phone costs

    Real TracFone Customers talk about real cell phone costs
  • more then i want to with tracfone.

    I just got my two kids tracfones for when they go back to school. I'm a working mom and I need to be able to keep track of the kids from work during the day and know they can call if they have an emergency. She's right about peace of mind. What I pay for tracfone is a small price for peace of mind.

    Tracfone prepaid family plans commercial.mov

    Looking for the cheapest family cell phone plan? Tracfone is a great choice and definitely the cheapest way to get phones for the whole family. Four phones for $30!

    This is way cool.
  • As far as family plans and savings go, you really ca't get any better than TracFone. I was paying more than $150+ for lines where no really talked - a contract was holding me back. While I had to downgrade in terms of phone, TracFone really did help me save more than $100 a month and still have dependable basic service. It's totally about the savings.

    Billy's Mom Cell phone - TracFone Wireless

    The cell phone that puts you in control. Billy's Mom easily controls his minutes and her budget .
    with the new TracFone LG420 with Mobile Web Access. Browse news, weather, sports and more !

  • I feel just like billys mom.This is an awesome deal! I'm so glad I decided to switch to Tracfone. They make the process so easy and fits my really tight monthly budget. I just found out that the double the minutes means that now when i buy my minutes, I actually get double what I pay for. You can't beat that. I can't wait to tell my friends, more money for the weekends

    Tracfone promo - Billys Mom.mov

    Tracfone commercial with Billy's mom. Tracfone is a great choice for owning a low-cost cell phone. Great for kids!
  • This is an awesome deal! I got one for each of my kids and one for my mom. Everyone loves them, they're great phones- if you only need the basics... and texts and calls costs next to nothing and you get great coverage. Sweet deal

    Noah Munck - Tracfone Commercial (2009)

    Noah Munck's Tracfone commercial from 2009.
  • I just heard about straight talk a little over 2 months ago. After reading all of the positive reviews about the product online, it is no wonder so many people have switched. I really want to get this phone but I want to make sure… is it really on the Verizon service coverage or whatever??? If so… how could anyone Not switch. That just sounds crazy to me to pay double.

    Get What You Pay For With Straight Talk

    Instead of paying for unused minutes on a carrier that makes you sign a contract, pay for what you know you will use. Try Straight Talk's $30/month plan that gives you 1000 minutes, 1000 texts, and...
  • I must say I like this phone nowhere can you find $45 unlimited calling/texting other than at WalMart or online with Straight Talk by Verizon: trust me I've tried...phones are durable and very technologically up-to-date. Easily the best-value prepaid phone plan currently on the market.

    Straight Talk & Samsung R451C

    Straight talk service is a prepaid service ran by Net 10 and Trackphone the coverage area is on the Verizon Wireless network. The phone quality and company is un beatable for the price.

  • Straight Talk plans really help my small business. I got them for all of my employees and switched them off their ridiculous 100 dollar a month plans. The savings added up immediately. Plus they all tell me they really like the phones. Its just really nice to know i can travel and not worry about signal, plus i can make free 411 calls any where and as many as i want.

    Straight talk- BEST MOBILE PLAN

    You cannot go wrong with Straight Talk. It is by far the best wireless deal out there. I have saved soooo much money since starting with Straight Talk. They are on sale at Walmart and a GREAT holi...
  • Dropped calls are no longer my concern with StraightTalk...thank goodness. I recently bought my samsung R355 and i have no complaints thus far. Must say- its nice paying less than my roommate while she complains about losing her signal =)

    A Straight Talk cell phone plan testimonial

    This pretty much explains why I love this new phone plan available at Walmart. Super quality on the Verizon network but at very affordable rates.
  • Straight Talk made having a phone affordable. I got all the positives without the bills or overcharges. Its just nice not having some big company on your back charging you ridiculous fees that come out of nowhere. It makes no sense to me.

    Straight Talk by Verizon, the Next Best Thing

    An Amazing Deal from an Amazing Company: Straight Talk from Verizon
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