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30 Seconds of Comediva

62,550 views 1 year ago
Meet Comediva in 30 seconds. OK, 31 seconds. Comediva is where the funnygirls are...and we want to put our funnies into your sub box. Would you be into that?

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Comediva. Where the funny girls are. Show less
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Tech Parodies Play

Cutting up on the cutting edge.

#NakedProblems Play

One naked roommate. One clothed roommate.
The creme de la creme of Comediva's original sketches!

LESBROS (Web Series) Play

One straight guy, and one gay girl...best friends forever...LESBROS!

Guy Time (Web Series) Play

"GUY TIME" is a female fantasy about what guys would do at a slumber party.

Geeky Pick-up Lines Play

Interactive speed dating with your favorite geeky heroes!

Gorilla Boss (Web Series) Play

A '90s sitcom you'll go bananas for. Filmed in front of a live studio audience (not really).
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