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College Pro: What's it Really All About?

15 views 2 days ago
Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Alumni share what they feel College Pro is really all about... after living through it. Apply: http://bit.ly/1p6STPC

Featuring: Ryan Martello, Davyd Funk, Jens Dahl-Davis, Chelsea Elder, Chris Igou, Whitney Williams, Andy Walter, Cathrine Morrison, Evan Kramer, Dan Schmid, Tom Wood, Nate Bruen-O'Brien, Brianna Colbert, Tanner Hebert, Karly Johnson-Renman, Chad Schloerky, Anna Pfaffly, Charlie Chase, Tony Valle, Alex Calof, Azren Raju, Troy Mullins, Jon Amodeo, Brogan Moffet, Nobu Aoki, Josh Hoffmann Show less
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College Pro provides exceptional leadership and management training that helps you to stand out NOW and in life after college. It's Real Life, Right Now. Successful Managers will: learn how to run a business, using managerial and business skills that will serve in any future career; gain a proven track record and real world business experience; be financially rewarded for their hard work; have fun and build a lifelong network of like-minded people. Managers gain hands-on experience with: Serving your customers--marketing, meeting, estimating, contracts, quality work; Managing employees--hiring, training, managing job sites; Being responsible--collecting money, payroll, tracking profitability. College Pro was founding in 1971, and, since then, we have provided world class leadership training to hundres of managers each year. http://www.collegepro.com
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