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Lithium Ion Batteries (12/24 volt) for mobile energy is launched by Clayton Power

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Get 230/50Hz and 12 or 24 volt simultaneously, everywhere!

Clayton Power presents a brand new line of lithium ion batteries. The 12 volt lithium ion battery weighs 19 kg, provides -- 100 Amp hours and is charged in 50 minutes. The 100Ah -- 24 volt lithium ion battery http://www.claytonpower.com... weighs 36 kg.

The G3 Combined Inverter/Charger http://www.claytonpower.com... and Display http://www.claytonpower.com... lets you monitor and control charging and consumption.

The Inverter http://www.claytonpower.com... converts 12 or 24 volt to 230 volt -- pure sine wave -- for demanding equipment.

The Charger charges batteries when it is connected to mains. The vehicle's surplus energy charges while driving.

Our lithium ion batteries can be connected in parallel for a greater power output and operating time -- up to 20 batteries. An integrated BMS (Battery Management System) http://www.claytonpower.com... monitors the batteries and prevents shorts for complete safety on the go.

In this way, lithium ion batteries presents a new era with a world of possibilities for efficient mobile energy!

Our technology provides more energy than traditional lead solutions. The lithium ion batteries reduce weight with hundreds of kilo, last up to six times longer without maintenance and are charged in down to 50 minutes!

Welcome to the modern world of Clayton Power. http://www.claytonpower.com/


100Ah - 12 Volt Lithium Ion Battery. Weight: 19kg -- Dimensions: 274x192x301 -- Parallel connection: 1-20 -- BMS: integrated.
100Ah - 24 Volt Lithium Ion Battery. Weight: 36kg -- Dimensions: 274x192x558 -- Parallel connection: 1-20 -- BMS: integrated. Show less
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