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Clarence Two Toes Comedy

Ryan VS Clarence - A Webseries Play

Welcome to the inner monologue of a Half Ojibway-Half Metis guy that struggles everyday on whether to listen to the "brown guy" or the "not quite brown guy" that lives in his head. This hilarious, original and slightly angry webseries takes a look at cultural identity, "being Indian" and trying to find your place in the world.

THE NDN TOP 10's Play

Indian Country's Favourite Shit Disturber - Clarence Two Toes delivers the funny in every edition of the Indian Top 10 - a "Letterman styled countdown, done Indian Style."

Mile In My Moccassins Play

A webseries following Clarence Two Toes on his journey to find his place in Indian Country. People always say, "you never know what someone has went through until you've walked a mile in his/her moccassins." Find out what Clarence is going through in this innovative, original and wildly hilarious webseries.
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