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Danny O'Dwyer on life post-CG: Citizen Gamecast

645 views 2 years ago
Site founder Danny O'Dwyer guests on the 100th episode of the Gamecast to update us on his life at GameSpot and reminisce on Citizen Game memories.

Clip taken from the January 24th 2012 episode of the Citizen Gamecast. Full episode available on iTunes or here: http://www.citizengame.co.u...

Episode description: To celebrate the sites 100th podcast we talk to site creator Danny O'Dwyer. We discuss the sites origin, how Gamespot is in part responsible for Citizengame and why a Citizengame "Team building" event let to the team throwing plastic cutlery. Show less
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Citizen Game Ashes 2013/2014 Play

When it comes to bouts between England and Australia history is littered with courageous battles.

Neighbours vs Eastenders. Marmite vs Vegemite. Jenson Button vs Mark Webber.

But now isn't the time to decide whether Marmite is better than Vegemite The Ashes are upon us. The historic biannual contest between Australia and England, where grown men battle over a 15cm tall terracotta urn.
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