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Cinko - Underdogs {Hypotheory Rap Contest}

451 views 5 months ago
Cinko performing Underdogs (Prod. RedHookNoodles)

DOWNLOAD HERE: http://hu.lk/et43cn3dbmyo

My entry for round 1 of the Hypotheory Rap Contest. Video just like the old days :)

(Verse 1)
Trouble in my home my brother just hit my mother/
My heart is cold as stone never warm up to a lover/
I walk the roads alone my shadow is my accomplice/
I made a checklist of everything I will accomplish/

Get some paper to move my parents away from here/
Rebuild my friendships invest in crushin my greatest fears/
Turn my back to school, honestly I hate it here/
Invite me to reunions I'll just say I may appear/

The most important things to me are inspirin the youngins/
Stayin humble, stayin young n, never corrupted/
Give my life to God the closest listener I got/
Meet all the fans, you're the ones that keep me hot/

If you been the underdog you understand what I was caught in/
No more crawling I'm growlingand barkin... now I'm on offense/
I been bullied I been taunted I'm past it now I'm off it/
Now I call the shots, head office/

(Hook X2)
All my underdogs, I wanna hear you barking/
All my underdogs, I wanna hear you barking/
Break off the leash, run wild and free/
This is our world, scratch off the fleas/

(Verse 2)
The story's cold and my brains dark and I need relief/
All my memories are laced with this tremendous grief/
I feel like a horrendous creep/
I just wanna break these pessimistic tendencies/

It's so sad to see myself breaking my mom's heart/
It used to be a bother, but now it's gone far/
My head is feelin dread, depression off the charts/
The feelin's constant, whether soft or hard/

I've lost my charge, I'm feelin dead/
I'm ornery and tired, and feelin weak instead/
Of that kid I used to be when I was young/
I just wanna go back to the way that I was I was/

I been separated, from my friends my head is changing/
I'll be honest to my people man I'll never fake it/
Stay true to me I'm conscious of my lunacy/
I gotta fight past the devil tryna ruin me!/

(Hook X2)

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