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Tactical Teamwork: The Impossible Decision (Episode 3)

906,308 views 9 months ago
Too often I find players who believe games are decided off the smallest factors, especially in the early game. But that's frequently not true when you're looking at the best teams in the world, and I was really excited to get an opportunity to look at the replays for these particular matches to show exactly how big the broader game strategies are.

It's worth saying that Fnatic is extremely good at pulling off these kinds of plays, and it's a big part of why their teleport strategies work so well. But Royal Club picked and banned Fnatic out of their most mobile champions, and prevented Fnatic from getting Shen every game. On top of this, Fnatic also chose not to take teleport for any of the matches, and while I can understand the logic, if Xpeke had the spell during this match, Royal Club could not have pulled off this particular set of plays.

The new artwork in the intro is part of a commission from the talented Ewa Labak. You can find her deviantart here:

The two music tracks are "Leap of Faith" and "Sunlight," both from MachinimaSound. You can find these and more tracks here: Show less
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Dont Feed is a video series that covers champions in greater detail than the Champion Spotlight. This series is descriptive, not prescriptive, meaning that I aim to provide you with solid information without telling you which items, runes, or masteries are best (as these frequently change). With this information, you can better play against these champions, and you may be interested in learning to play them. Even after more than a thousand games, I am still learning new things about these champions by making these videos, and I'm sure the vast majority of LoL players can learn a lot from these.

My goal is to provide these videos for all champions in League of Legends.

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