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Dario Pimentel

Dezcry - Grateful (@dezcry)

1,650 views 1 year ago

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I know you hear me in my pain, you hear me in my weakness
Your hear me when I feel like a loser, like I'm defeated
You hear me when I'm crying, yeah you satisfy my cravings
You search my heart when I can't articulate what I'm saying
Yeah You lay me down gently then You wake me up early
You know me better than I know myself so why am I worried?
Yeah the process is the hardest but I know your working too
Lord I could never live without you so do what you need to do!



I wanna kangaroo myself over these trials,
I'm asking how, how am I supposed to work this out
Seven days without You is one weak,
At least that's how I felt
When I let you have it all You left me rolling In the deep
Me myself and my temptation, I feel like I'm entitled to hurt you
When I'm mad and frustrated and waiting I'm sick of evading,
every single developing path in my way
Then I fell upon my knees and then heard a voice in me say
My son, I never left you
I know you feel rejected by the world but I accept you,
I'm with you when you weeping and your faithfulness is making
You the stronger man so that you'll never will be shaken
I've given you the strength to fight pornography, cause you gonna be,
the man that I'm preparing for your future wife just follow me
Just stay close to my word, It'll comfort you till you home
And remember that I'm with you u never have been alone. Show less
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