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Pleasemakesence is back with a new account

301 views 3 years ago
Hey just letting my old friends and subscribers know that I am indeed still here and will carry on making AMVs and trailers, etc. with this new account. If you are wondering how my account went in the first place it was because of the Gakuen Alice videos I uploaded (Yes, I don't know how Youtube can hate Gakuen Alice so much either! lol) and they only just found them when I was on holiday and decided to warn me and give me two strikes against my account when I had no internet! (Grr...). And a few months before that I had already recieved a strike for the exact same thing and I know I should have deleted the videos but I guess I just forgot at the time (I know pathetic excuse =.=) Anyhow, I've managed to end up like this and I am not going to dwell too much on what happened. What happened is now in the past and I am going to have a fresh start with this account (it's kinda like I finished a game and want to play again to see if I can do better ^^). Well anyway, it's your decision to subscribe or add me but I guess after you see my pathetic editing in this video you probably wont xD Sorry I just wanted it done and so I skipped some of the timing and effects :S lol. Gomen. I will make proper videos later on. ;)

Animes: Sailor Moon and Shugo Chara
Song: Body LaNguage
Program used: Sony Vegas 8.0

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the music or the animes in anyway and respect the owners entirely. This is not for profit in anyway. Show less
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