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Monkey-ed Movies were a series of short comedy/parody films with costumed chimpanzees and orangutans voiced by human actors. Directed by Tom Stern (known in Hollywood as "That Chimp Guy"). and written by Tom Stern with his long-time writing partner Tim Burns. First aired in 1998 on the Turner Broadcasting System (an American cable television channel), as interstitials, they parodied popular films or television programs that were currently being broadcast on TBS.

Genre: Comedy, Parody
Directed by: Tom Stern
Produced by: Palomar Pictures
Written by: Tom Stern, Tim Burns
Country: United States
Language: English
Original channel: TBS
(Turner Broadcasting System)
Release date: February 1, 1998

The idea for the series came from a five-minute pilot originally made to be aired on MTV. TBS ordered 48 segments to be produced which were run during "Dinner and a Movie" and in odd time slots after sporting events. However, one day when a golf tournament ran short, the station played about half an hour of "Monkey'ed Movies" to unexpected results. The ratings actually increased, which prompted TBS to order 13 episodes of an expanded half-hour series which would become "The Chimp Channel".

The American Humane Association's Film and Television Unit monitored the filming of "Monkey-ed Movies", and reported:

"The chimps and orangutans are receiving a very high standard of care. The trainers use modern, humane techniques to cue and motivate the animals. . . The TBS production team has been very cooperative, has upheld the Guidelines and insures the wellbeing of the chimps during filming."

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monkey-ed_Movies

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