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ChildFund Australia

We are afraid of the bombs

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Children make up almost half of those injured or killed each year in Laos by bombs left over from the Vietnam War. You can help stop this. For every $24 donated, we can clear 50 square metres of land -- keeping children safe and making way for urgently needed schools, clean water systems and safe farming land. To donate, visit http://www.childfund.org.au...

Music: Strange and Sensitive
By: James Rutledge
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Water World International Children's Film Festival 2012 Play

What does water mean to you, your family and your community? Why is it important?

These are some of the questions that were posed to children in five countries across the Asia-Pacific region, as part of ChildFund Connect's Water World International Children's Film Festival 2012

Over 700 children from Australia, Laos, Timor-Leste, Sri Lanka and Vietnam were asked to think about what role water played in their life and to get creative in expressing this to their peers overseas using pocket video cameras.

The result? A series of short films, made by and for children, that captured what water means to children in different parts of the world -- from the silly to the surprising to the serious.

Why water?

Water connects all of us, wherever we live in the world. Clean water is a universal human right. Water can mean work, play, weather, life. It can be scary or fun, life-saving or dangerous. It's so much a part of our everyday lives in so many different ways.

2013 is also the United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation. With awareness-raising events taking place across the world, the Water World film project provides an opportunity to add children's voices to discussions around water issues nationally and internationally.

This project is part of the ChildFund Connect program which is partly funded by Australian Aid, managed by ChildFund Australia on behalf of AusAID.

Julie Goodwin in Uganda Play

ChildFund Australia ambassador Julie Goodwin and her husband Mick visit Uganda to meet their sponsored child for the first time, and to learn more about ChildFund's work with children and communities.

ChildFund Connect Play

ChildFund Connect is a global education program for children in their last years of primary school in Australia and developing countries. The program's objective is to provide children around the world with an opportunity to connect and learn from each other.

Using a variety of multimedia tools, with a central website acting as the hub for all communications and child-created content, the program facilitates cross-country exchanges and collaborative education projects. See examples of children's work at www.childfundconnect.org

By creating these communication links, children learn about the lives of their peers in different parts of the world. They are supported to ask their own questions, form their own ideas and plan their own collaborative projects with their overseas groups. This enquiry-led learning process allows children to explore each other's lives and develop a sense of global awareness and personal connection with children in another country.

ChildFund Connect began in 2010 and is supported by Australian Aid and ChildFund Australia.
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