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1L Your Way at Chicago-Kent

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Why wait to specialize in your law school career? Start discovering your interests with 1L Your Way at Chicago-Kent.

The 1L Your Way program is an optional early specialization track that introduces flexibility into the first-year curriculum. Students who choose to participate in 1L Your Way defer the required first-year course Legislation to the second year in favor of taking either an approved, upper-division elective course or a unique clinical rotation course.

For more information about 1L Your Way, visit http://bit.ly/CK1LYourWay Show less
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SCIPR 2013 Play

The fourth annual Supreme Court Intellectual Property Review was an interesting discussion. Panels went over each of the IP cases from the previous Supreme Court Term (including Myriad with petitioner Dr. Harry Ostrer and Bowman v. Monsanto with Mr. Bowman), Chief Judge Diane Wood spoke on the current state of the patent system, and a panel looked ahead to the 2013 Term's IP cases.

For a summary of the panels, please visit http://now.iscotus.org/news/scipr_summary

Symposium on the Supreme Court and the American Public Play

On November 15-16, 2012, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law's Institute on the Supreme Court of the United States (ISCOTUS) and the Chicago-Kent Law Review hosted a symposium on the Supreme Court and the American Public.

Justice, Lawyering, and Legal Education in the Digital Age Play

This Chicago-Kent Symposium began with an introduction to our school and CALI's Access to Justice Clinic and Course Projects, and expanded into a forum for those making advances in the legal technology world. This was concurrent with the latest Chicago-Kent Law Review on the same subject.
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