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Chemical Heritage Foundation

Joe Palca, NPR

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Joe Palca is one of the best science storytellers out there. In his 20 years as an NPR science correspondent he's covered all sorts of obscure topics, from soccer-playing robots and oyster glue to turtle paleontology and tumor paint. He finds the humor in the serious and the thoughtful in the funny, usually by focusing on the human elements of stories.

"Stories are usually about people, those are the ones we remember. We don't remember stories about transuranic elements," Palca says.

We visited Palca at NPR headquarters in Washington, D.C., where we got a behind-the-scenes tour of his program, Joe's Big Idea. Show less
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Sensing Change is a combination of exhibit, website, and related programs that offer new visions of the threats and opportunities generated by a changing climate. Visit http://chemheritage.org/sensingchange to learn more.

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