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Frying & Eating a Dubia Cockroach

418 views 3 months ago
It's not common at all to eat insects in Bulgaria, but since I take care of a colony of blaptica dubia cockroaches as a live food for my tarantulas, I decided it's about time to try them out.
To keep it simple I just warmed up some sunflower oil in a pan, mixed a soup spoon of honey with a little bit less mustard and added a pinch of oregano. The cockroach was in the pan for about 5 minutes. When I put it in my mouth it was crunchy, sweet, and really tasty, to be honest I did not expect to like it so much =X. Might try again...(oh I will!)

Hope you enjoy the video ;)

Caution! Do not do this with wild caught roaches! My roaches are fed only with vegetables and dry pet food and are perfectly safe!

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