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Old Trout Puppet Workshop - Ignorance

235 views 4 months ago

Old Trout Puppet Workshop is an internationally renowned puppet theatre company based in Calgary, Canada. IGNORANCE is a puppet documentary about the evolution of happiness. Where did it come from and where did it go? Sure, we've got microwaves, airplanes, and nagging senses of dissatisfaction but our prehistoric ancestors, stamping their grubby feet by firelight in common triumph over the steaming corpse of an eviscerated mastodon, might just have felt more at home in the world. With much grunting and shrieking and gnawing on bones, the Old Trouts explain where we went wrong and how we might find our way once again.

IGNORANCE was created using a method they're calling "Open Creation". The entire show was written on the web for all to see and for all to comment, criticize, or contribute. Written by The Old Trout Puppet Workshop with Anonymous Contributors.

"Mind-blowing originality... [The Trouts] are boldly reshaping puppet theatre into sophisticated adult entertainment." - Fast-Forward Magazine

"Pure joy. Great, great theatre." - CBC Radio

ADVISORY Contains adult content. Contains strobe lighting effects, theatrical fog and haze.

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