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Chuck & Blair | So cold

29,265 views 2 years ago
***WATCH IN HD!***

Hey, guys.

First of all I'm really sorry for not making vids lately but I hardly have time even to breathe. My exams are near and I must learn.
And I wasn't really inspired by the last few episodes of S5 since I haven't seen any good CB scenes. Aaaand sorry for the pretty overused song but I've been listening to this for days and I really wanted to vid this.
Hope it won't turn out as a disappointment :)

I can't believe S5 is over. And a shortened S6? Nah... I hope we'll get some good CB scenes at least since the finale seemed to promise that.

Wow. Anyways, I hope you guys like it.

As soon as I find some emotional song (i love trying to show their relationship's emotional side) that I can vid I'll vid them more. I don't promise that it will happen before I finish my exams. Afterwards I'm going on holiday to Malta in June. I hope I'll have time to make a vid. And meanwhile I'm working on my novel right now. I'm planning to publish it later if a publisher would accept so. I really am excited about it. :)

Thanks for watching.

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