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Carl Zeiss

ZEISS DuraMax Production CMM

1,897 views 4 months ago
The right measuring equipment for the shopfloor. The ability to measure quickly and accurately and the flexibility to react to changes are essential in the machining and tooling industry. Fixed gages and inspection equipment are no longer economical. DuraMax is your answer. Show less
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PiWEB Play

The PiWeb quality data management system enables the uniform evaluation and analysis of measuring and process data. You receive product-specific reports and the associated statistics quickly and easily. PiWeb enables you to analyze, evaluate and graphically display all types of quality and process data in real time around the globe.

Why PiWeb?

PiWeb helps you detect deviations in real time and react quickly. You can directly deliver corrective values to your production departments. The combination of measuring and process data in one report makes correlations visible. Data on several workpieces can be summarized in one report, making weaknesses in the production process visible. Measures can be implemented where they are needed.

PiWeb consists of three modules

PiWeb Reporter

Customization of reports

PiWeb Planner

Version history measurement plan management

PiWeb Monitor

Display of process-relevant data in real time
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