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Caregiver Stress

#34 What Seniors Want/Need for the Holidays Play

Holiday shopping for seniors can appear daunting because they usually appear to have everything they need. However, the intangible gifts can mean more to your senior than another gadget or pair of slippers. Spending time with family, enjoying traditions, and engaging their non-diminished senses are all things that give seniors what they really need during the holidays.

#33 Practical Alzheimer's Solutions Play

Dealing with loved ones who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer's Disease can be challenging. This video series offers a basic primer to understanding Alzheimer's Disease, some tips on talking with your loved ones who may be diagnosed, and some changes that may be necessary to help them (and you) lead the fullest life possible.

#32 Senior Care Resources Play

As we and our loved ones age, needs change and new matters arise, that call for specialized services and care. Many of these issues can be grouped into three categories which are covered in this video series. First is health; second is living or home; and third is financial and legal.
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