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Camp Feral!

Feral! in 90 Seconds

1,890 views 4 years ago
Intro to Camp Feral! Feral! 101. Our first attempt to visually boil Camp Feral! down to 90 seconds. From bus ride, to activities, to workshops, the lake and the dance and general camp craziness to the bus ride back! If you like, check out our website to find out about the upcoming camp!

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The Camp Feral! Tour Play

Ever wondered what goes on at Camp Feral!? Here's a slightly extended tour (about 27 minutes) that gives you a great overview of the camp! From two great introductory videos, to Predator vs Prey vids from 2011-2013, to older videos, newer videos, cabin skits and a fox on the road to camp! Take the tour, we're sure you'll love it!

Ask Timber Play

The 'Ask Timber' web series, depicting that lovable talking dog Timber (star of the Futurecamp! series) answering questions about her storied life. Ridiculous (bad) photoshop, video scenes of her daily life, and a fast paced rant on the subject in each video
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