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Auburn - Honor (Exclusive Release from Cocoon Album)

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The Bible says, in other words, GOD say's. To (continue reading)
The Bible says, in other words, GOD say's honor our Mother and Father. Now, I don't know everyones story. I may not know where you come from, who you come from, whether they loved you the way they should, or held you when you needed to be held, but one thing I do know, Is we all were born of someone.
So we all have a Mom, and a Dad.
Me, i grew up in a single parent home, my Mom took care of me and my two older siblings (I'm the baby) lol.
I met my Dad later in life, and I realized even though I said I could do without him, I cant. Its weird, the way GOD builds us. Without realizing we think when we don't have our Parents, were better off. We say "Well if they wanted me, they'd be here. And its unfortunate, i mean for so long I honestly thought, I could live or die without my Dad in life. In my head. He wasn't around, as the years went on i resented Him, I said to myself "He's not thinking about me, so i won't of him." One day, my Mom and uncle asked me if I missed him.

I thought they were insane, I replied "you can't miss something you never had." My uncle understands, but my Mom just kept pushing. Questioning, before I knew it tears flooded my cheeks, and my calm tone became a loud scream. "I don't care, I don't know him! How can i miss someone I don't even know?!" And just like that, I knew, I missed my Dad.
When life isn't the way it should be, when your family isn't the way GOD intended, it tends to leave a mark on the child most of all. We are meant to have one natural Mother and one natural Father. The Mother is the nurturer, the Father the disciplinarian.

I hear people say all the time, "My Mom was my Dad." and I have to disagree, she was just a really, really good mother. She filled shoes she was never meant to the best she could.

There a strong children that come from a single parent home, but Im sure if you're anything like me, you always imagined what it would be like to have it the way it should be.

My Dad came back in my life when I was a young teen, I wanted to dislike him so badly, but no matter how hard i tried, i juts couldn't. We played snow ball fight, he taught me how to do military pushups (tomboy here) lol, and we laughed all night. I loved it, I hated how much I loved it. How much I loved Him. Honestly now that I know him, I realize Ive always needed him.

I guess I didn't realize it before because my Mom did everything in her power, to take care of us. I never wanted for anything.
She worked all night long, she put food on the table, she brought me up in the word of GOD, and she was a prime example of a virtuous woman.
No mater how hard Id try, i couldnt find fault in her, she was my SuperWoman. No- I literally thought my Mom was super woman.
She was like this angel to me that GOD placed in my life.

As I got older I began to grow more rebellious, I lied little by little, began to resist church due to guilt, and my Mother.
She was a praying woman, so despite all my bad choices, GOD got me back on track.

one night in my kitchen, I thought of the way I treated my Mother, my number one supporter, my rock, and I wept, from my heart. I prayed to GOD, and out came this song.

I love you Mom, and Im sorry for every time I disrespected you.
I love you Dad, and I thank GOD for the both of you, whether or not under one roof, you both have put in to me. And Im forever thankful.

xo, your daughter

Written By: Auburn
Produced by: @TryBishop Show less
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