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The Caddicarus Channel Trailer!

275,648 views 11 months ago
Welcome! I've had this going on in the background for a while now, so, here it is! If you're unsubscribed, this is my 'channel trailer' for the new OneChannel layout. Hope it fairs out alright. IT EXPLAINS ALL.

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These are my personal favourite videos that I've ever done to date. Subject to change, I suppose! Check here if you're new and want a better idea on what goes on!

Current Quickies Play

Hilariously cool name aside - there's a London Cockney and some of the fastest talking ever conceived for up-to-date video game reviews. Yeah, see it to believe it.


I tinker around and do a basic video with whatever game I've been playing that particular week. They're nothing flashy - but just there to satisfy the schedule!


This is a pretty rare and special playlist for all of the videos in which I go out and interview game devs completely solo! Edited with the same care as any other normal episode - these interviews are long and pretty darn cool.
Things that fall under no category. Things that defy explanation or reasoning. Things.
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