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  • If anyone can help I appreciate it. In the Gilligan's Island episode#46 Season 2 entitled "Hi-Fi Gilligan" he gets hit in the head with a crate,and when he first opens his mouth after it becomes a radio there is a theme song for what I think is a mid-late 60's opening for NBC Sunday Night At The Movies. I am not sure, and my search here hasn't come up with the theme that can be heard in this episode. Does someone remember this? Can anyone help? Thanks

    Sunday Mystery Movie Opening

    • by Markieo
    • 7 years ago
    starring Peter Falk as Columbo!
  • Thanks for the post This song is interchangable throughout generations since it was released. As proof, see post below and keep in mind I was in h.s. in the mid-70's. During this era of music a lot of songs like this one were meant to be nothing but filler songs for the album. Some record companies, espically Motown would push filler songs as hits and were successful and others didn't push as hard. Lesley Gore should of had more hits but recording for Mercury meant she didn't have a chance.

    Lesley Gore - The Old Crowd w/ LYRICS

    The Old Crowd - Year Song Released 1963

    Sometimes I get to thinkin' 'bout days gone by.
    And I start cryin' every time.
    What I wouldn't give, if I could just relive.
    One day with those old fri...
  • I like this as much if not more than Navy Blue. A lot of artist around this time, especially of the "girl group" sound and "beach" sound got over shadowed by the big acts such as Leslie Gore, The Supremes, Beach Boys et al. The "one hit wonders" usually had a few good follow ups that never made as big as their first release, but should have. Thanks for the post.

    Diane Renay - "Kiss Me Sailor"

    Diane Renay's only other single, after "Navy Blue", to crack the national Billboard chart was "Kiss Me Sailor", which reached #29 later in 1964.
  • Thanks for the post Matt! In 2011 one of the members passed away, but I don't remember who it was. Do you have their version of the holiday song Sleigh Ride? It's their instrumental version that never gets played during the holiday season because the vocal version of the song from the "oldies " era of the 60's is best remembered and most often played was by The Ronnettes, produced by Phil Spector.

    THE VENTURES ~ Guitar Freakout ~ (1967)

    The VENTURES are; NOKIE EDWARDS (lead guitar); BOB BOGLE (bass guitar); DON WILSON (rhythm guitar); and MEL TAYLOR (drums). This song is the title track for The Ventures' album GUITAR FREAKOUT fro...
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