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Invest In Me | Texas KIDS COUNT

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"Invest in Me" is a complement to a recent report by the Center for Public Policy Priorities, "Invest in Texas Kids. It Matters: A 20-Year Look at Texas' Budget for Our Children." The report includes analysis of Texas' investments in children over the last 20 years. CPPP's research shows that when Texas chooses to invest in our kids, they do better. For example, when the state invested in children's education, they did better in school. More importantly, they did better in other areas of well-being as well, such as health care and safety.

To access the full report and findings, visit www.forabettertexas.org/invest­inkids. Show less
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Health Care Play

Access to quality, affordable health care for all is at the core of our mission. We work to protect and improve access to quality public and private insurance, mental health care, and basic health needs for all Texans.

Child Well-Being Play

With one of every 11 U.S. kids living in Texas, the well-being of our children will determine not only the future of Texas, but the future of the country. Our child well-being work brings awareness to problems children face and highlights the policy solutions that make children's lives better and Texas stronger. Because Texas kids count.

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