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Portraying Gus Gutman

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8 minute excerpt of Holocaust survivor Gus Gutman interview and painting session with the artist Felix de la Concha. Show less
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Portraying Memories - Felix de la Concha Play

In February 2013, Felix de la Concha, a prominent Spanish artist, collaborated with CHGS to include Twin Cities Holocaust survivors in his latest portrait series, "Portraying Memories: Portraits and Conversations with Survivors of the Shoah."

De la Concha painted portraits of survivors of the Shoah (Holocaust) from all over the world. While posing, his subjects talked about their lives and shared their testimonies of survival. These sessions were recorded and depict the portrait's transformation from a blank canvas to the finished piece, providing the viewer with a powerful and emotionally charged, multidimensional representation of the encounter with his sitters.

Eight local survivors participated in the project: their portraits and testimony appear on the CHGS YouTube channel along with the 31 other survivors who sat with Felix between 2007 and 2013. The entire project can be viewed by clicking the link below:


Genocide and its Aftermaths: Lessons from Rwanda Play

On April 16, 17 & 19, the Institute for Global Studies, the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies and the Human Rights Program held a series of events to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 1994 genocide that took the lives of an estimated 500,000-1,000,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus. The events included a public conference, a student conference, and a K-16 teacher workshop. The objectives of the commemorative events were: promoting public understanding of what happened in Rwanda, discussing the immediate responses of the international community to the violence, and analyzing the long-term consequences that the cataclysmic failure to prevent the genocide had on international policy and action.

The public conference, Genocide and its Aftermath: Lessons from Rwanda, was designed to bring together research and praxis. Academics, activists and diplomats led a public exploration of what we have learned from the genocide in Rwanda and how we have been affected by, and should use, that knowledge to create more effective methods of intervention. Themes of the panels included: representations of atrocity, immediate aftermaths, transitional justice and its impacts, and preventing genocide and mass atrocity.

Anti-Semitism Then and Now Play

Is there a new antisemitism? A growing body of reports and research centers claim that a new strain of antisemitism is sweeping the globe. Five renowned scholars in the field of antisemitism studies will discuss historic antisemitism, its long term after effects and contemporary manifestations in Europe and the US.

Convened by Alejandro Baer, Director, Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, and Klaas van der Sanden, Interim Director, Center of Austrian Studies.

Sponsored by: the Center for Jewish Studies, the Center for Austrian Studies, the Institute for Global Studies, European Studies Consortium, German and European Studies Center, and the Jewish Community Relations Council

Reframing Mass Violence: Human Rights and Social Memory in Latin America and Southern Europe Play

Reframing Mass Violence: Human Rights and Social Memory in Latin America and Southern Europe.

Conveners: Alejandro Baer Sociology, Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies (CLA); Joachim Savelsberg, Sociology (CLA); Kathryn Sikkink, Political Science (CLA); Barbara Frey, Human Rights Program (CLA).

Representing Genocide: Media, Law, and Scholarship Play

The symposium addressed journalistic, judicial and social scientific depictions of atrocities with a focus on cases of the Holocaust, Darfur, and Rwanda. It explored the intersections between these different discursive fields and case studies to shed light on the increasing tension between the local and global representations and memories of mass murder.

Badzin Lecture Series

The Bernard and Fern Badzin Lecture Series presents nationally and internationally recognized speakers on issues related to the Holocaust and other genocides.
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