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National Schools of Character Play

Learn more about our exemplar schools - schools that embrace strategies such as creating a caring community and engaging and respecting all learners academically - in a way that helps improve scholastic improvement, behavior, and school culture.

2013 - National School Safety Summit Play

From school shootings to horrific stories of bullying, the issue of school safety has been front-page news. Suggested solutions have run the gamut from bullet-proof white boards and back packs to arming teachers to simple one-day trainings. But educators know that this complex problem requires complex solutions. We know a lot about what works, but what are we not putting into practice? This day-long workshop at the National Forum on Character Education addressed the issue of school safety from seven different perspectives with a cadre of expert speakers.

2013- Forum Keynotes Play

Keynote presentations at the 2013 National Forum on Character Education, Educating for Character: At Home, in Schools and in Communities
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