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  • Well good job at showing your emotion, though I don't think Barton is that creepy. You could have probably used a couple more cuts, it was kinda slow in the middle. There is a small line between slow. suspenseful and slow.

    ~ Carin Adamczak

    Living Space

    Video project for my Media Studio: Audio/Video class. We had to film a video of our living space. For mine, I did Barton Hall, with its large size and long and creepy halls, and shot it in a Haunte...
  • I don't think it worked. In summary the 1st person view was well done and the camera angles for stuff we don't normally notice like fixing your pants.

    ~Carin Adamczak

    Stagnance / Extravagance

    My project for RPI ARTS 1010: Media Studio: Video. The assignment was to create a video portraying my "living space." In this video I'm showing how during the daytime, my room is a bit dull and une...
  • I like the slow pace of it showing how tired you are. And you show how your living space isn't exactly normal with the latter out of the attic and riding your skateboard to the bathroom.

    ~Carin Adamczak

    Day to Day

    Snapshot into the day to day of my life
  • Nice, I'm bored just watching it. Cool way to represent the monotonous way of life. The long shots help to shorten our attention span to get your point across better.

    ~Carin Adamczak

    Where I Live (Video Project 1)

    Chris LaPointe

    Where I live
  • That's life in its simplest forms the same pictures and sounds we see and hear everyday. Nice idea. Though as others said a few more sounds and playing around with them a bit more would have gone a long way.

    ~Carin Adamczak

    Frequent Sounds

    Devin Stiert
  • Nice, soundtrack to our lives here at RPI. The way you synced the sound to the movie was really well done. That must have taken a lot of effort, good thing your computer isn't like mine freezing every five minutes.

    ~Carin Adamczak

    Sons and Daughters

    For those not in the class with me... this is a video for my Media Studio class! Its the first video I have ever made so all I can do is improve from here.

    The song I am performing is Sons and D...
  • I like the way you did one exaggeration to another. It came together really seamlessly too.

    ~Carin Adamczak

    My Living Space

    Life in Hall Hall
  • The noise of the fan helped set a time to it, like no matter how many times the fan spun that room would look exactly the same. Its a good idea.

    ~Carin Adamczak

    Timeless space- Breanna Brown

    My living Space
  • It's very fast paced as if to say life comes at you fast. Though a lot of the stuff in it was really random like the squirrel jumping from the tree to the roof a cool thing to catch on film, but random. The fuzzy cuts was a cool effect though, it was very well made.

    ~Carin Adamczak

    Video Project- Living Space

    Kaitlyn Smith
  • I don't really see the point to the waking up and sleeping scenes. If its supposed to be about how much work there is a flashy montage would be good of a lot more people working. Also, seeing Facebook on someones computer doesn't make me think work. Otherwise it was pretty good the cuts were good and seemed natural.

    ~Carin Adamczak

    A Day in the Life of a College Student

    For the Media Studio Class im taking... the feeling trying to be
    expressed in this film is that there is always work to be done
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