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Jeffrey Answers a Question about When To Give Up | Sales Training

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Dear Jeffrey,

When I send out quotes and proposals, clients seem to take their time reviewing the information and completely disregard the 'respond by' date on the quote. I feel clients don't respect this time frame and, in addition, I feel that we, as salespeople, end up on the defensive explaining why we're following up. I feel clients today want everything for nothing, expect the best from a company, and yet, they just do not seem to care about the value of what they've requested.

How do you know when to just give up on a client like that and move on?

. . .

Dude, clients want everything? Give them everything. Clients want value in the proposal? Put value in the proposal. Leave your prices out of the proposal so they have to call you to get it. "Oh, prices? Yea you have to call me for those." Come on use your head. You're not sending a quote out, you're building a relationship and the quote is basically something that confirms the sale. What are you doing with your time? And don't cast yourself with a bunch of other salespeople. This is you. Don't be defensive when you're following up. Do you know what a total waste of time that is and you look like a jerk, literally. You be offensive. You explain more reasons why they should buy. Talk about their motive. Talk about their value. You don't even know why they want to buy. You're just sending out a proposal on a wing and a prayer and hoping. Not good.

When you send a proposal out, it should be because you already know that they have an interest, when they want to buy it, how much they're willing to pay for it and that you're their guy. Otherwise, what are you doing? You're wasting your time and wasting paper or a pdf and then you're chasing your tail. Not good. Get smart. Start early. Get their motive first and don't do anything without a firm appointment to follow up. Got it? Good.

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