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Let There Be Rock - AC/DC Chicks BACK:N:BLACK

6,098 views 5 months ago
Filmed 100% live at Switzerland's largest outdoor street Festival, with over 2 million people attending over several days! After blowing though their set of 15 songs ranging from Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap to Thunderstruck, the insane crowd refused to let them leave. So Angie Dee does what she does best... ROCK!!!!

What the crowd didn't know was the Ladies form Hades nearly didn't make this show... With all traffic completely blocked everywhere in the town, the chicks had to run with their amps and guitars in hand through the downtown Zurich more than a kilometer to get to the stage. With only seconds to spare, they jumped on stage, plugged in and blasted the audience away without even having a sound check. LET THERE BE ROCK !!!!!!!

BACK:N:BLACK is one of the world's best tributes to AC/DC. They all happen to be drop dead gorgeous girls.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bac...
Official: http://www.backnblackgirls.com
Booking: http://www.BurritoBookers.com Show less
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BACK:N:BLACK is one of the world's best tributes to AC/DC. They all just happen to be drop dead gorgeous girls.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/backnblack
Official: http://www.backnblackgirls.com
Booking: http://www.BurritoBookers.com
D'ANGLERZ is a hard rock band featuring former members of Silver Dirt, BACK:N:BLACK, The Verdict and McQueen. With roots reaching back to 2007, the band has imbibed inspiration from rock, punk, metal, blues & glam— to forge their own sound defying classification. Influences include Aerosmith, GNR, Zepp, Zombie, Crüe & AC/DC.

With three continents and four instruments, the band speaks with a common voice: Rock N Roll, delivered from the gut.

D'ANGLERZ have always focused on live shows, but are now producing their first full album. A few recordings exist: "Big God" appears on 2011's Monster Magnet Tribute, "Kiss the Right Side of Your Brain". CERN's 2010 release features "Still Breathing".

Randy - Lead Guitar & Vocals
BB - Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
V.G. Richardson - Drums & Vocals
Constanze - Bass & Vocals
The only Guns N Roses tribute to perform with members of the old and new GNR lineup
Playing to thousands throughout the UK, Europe, Middle East and USA, appearing on TV and magazines across Europe, and friends with members of the actual band, G2R are nearly legends themselves.
Hands down, the world's best Aerosmith look-alike & sound-alike
Eurosmith is so close that Steven Tyler himself asked to meet their singer Luca after seeing him in the news, declaring him "frighteningly similar", taking pictures, and inviting him to join on the microphone for their crowd of 60,000. Since 1997.

SHOCKING P!NK BAND -- The Only All-Star Rock Tribute to P!NK Play

Shocking P!NK Band is the only all-star rock tribute to P!NK!!

This is a band unlike any other. Instead of copying P!NK, shocking P!NK Band has taken P!NK's attitude & theatrical stage approach, & added a lethal dose of Guns N' Roses and AC/DC. Every band member is unique. Every show is unique. Shocking P!NK Band is the only all-star rock tribute to P!NK!!

IS IT YOU? - Vox & 'Tude
REDD - Lead Guitar & Bad Boy
JETT BLACK - Rhythm Guitar & Rock Star Sparkles
JUDY STARR - Bass & Groovy Gravy
LANDO - Keyboards & Smoove Love
ANGIE - Drums & Secrets

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/shockingpinkband
Official: http://www.shockingpinkband.com
BOOKING: http://www.BurritoBookers.com
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