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Chris Schultz

Philosoraptor Song

569,835 views 2 years ago
Happy New Year's folks.

Bucky Studios


For the non-redditors: http://knowyourmeme.com/mem...

If you actually like this song, PM me & I'll toss you a link to a download. That's whenever I decide to make it available for download. :P

EDIT: Here's a public download link guys! (Remeber to right-click SAVE AS on the link)

Thanks for the awesome comments! Glad to entertain. (=
And thanks to those who helped! You know who you are.


Is a key still a key if there' nothing to unlock?
Is a fly without wings called a walk?
In 50 years from now, will retirement homes host LAN parties instead of bingo nights?

Why do we cook bacon and bake cookies?
If being hipster became mainstream, what would hipsters be?
If tomatoes are a fruit, isn't ketchup technically a smoothie?

If you identify a UFO, is it still a UFO?
And what if Pinoccho said that "My nose will grow."
Why is there Christmas on the Flintstones?

If bookbags are used to carry books, what are handbags for?
Why do we drive on parkways, and park on driveways?
And can one simply walk into mordor?

Why do we, Why do we
Study Philosophy
How do we, how do we know if it's true or it's false?
I don't wanna be living in a post Jurassic world

How does one, turn up missing?
If one's born deaf, what language does one think in?
If 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea, does that mean the 5th one enjoys it?

If I choose not to decide, I still have made a choice
These are some questions the internet provides
Through the powerful voice of Philasoraptor

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