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K. Ewell

Brick Masonry Techniques for Builders Play

Brick Masonry Techniques for Builders

Featuring master mason Bryan Light, the "Brick Masonry Techniques for Builders" DVD demonstrates construction techniques with brick that masonry craftsmen can use to speed up job completion, maximize work quality, reduce call-backs, and increase profitability.

The information and suggestions contained in this Video are based on the available data and the combined experience of engineering staff and members of the Brick Industry Association, Southeast. The information contained herein must be used in conjunction with good technical judgment and a basic understanding of the properties of brick masonry. Final decisions on the use of the information contained in this Video are not within the purview of the Brick Industry Association, Southeast and must rest with the project architect, engineer and owner.

1. Site Conditions & Storage
2. Mortar: Type "N" or Type "S"
3. Hot/Cold Weather Masonry
4. Blending Lengths & Colors
5. Wall Ties
6. Flashing at the Base & Weep Holes
7. Mortar Netting Devices
8. House Wrap
9. Flashing the Corner at the Base
10. Flashing the Window Head & Sill
11. Flashing Bay Windows
12. Full Head Joints
13. Tooling Mortar Joints
14. Support of Brick Work at Wall Base
15. Window Sill Slope
16. Support of Brick over Garage Doors
17. Chimney Chase
18. Cleaning Brick Work
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