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Grid gets smarter with nation's largest test

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Today's electric grid is smart. But, it could be much, much more intelligent. A smarter grid is good in many ways. Households lower their electric bills. Utilities defer expensive upgrades. Carbon emissions decrease. The list goes on.

Spanning an unprecedented five-state area, this is one of 16 demonstration projects created by the Department of Energy as part of the 2009American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. Many technologies are being tested to for use in a smart grid including electric vehicles, battery storage, water heaters and thermostats to name a few. About one-third of the testing was on transactive control technology, which is unique to this project.

The five-year test is in its final stages. The mix of public and private participants include 11 utilities, five technology partners and two universities, invested $89 million, which was matched by DOE. BPA contributed $10 million, also matched by DOE.
Battelle Memorial Institute, a private, nonprofit applied science and technology development company is compiling and evaluating demonstration project results.

The immense volume of data has yielded some surprising interim results, as documented in the Smart Grid Regional Business Case. BPA sponsored the study, which will help the region make future smart grid investment decisions. A final report will be released after the project is complete in January 2015.

Take a closer look at this video to learn what this project means to the Bonneville Power Administration. Then stay tuned for an in-depth look at each utility participant as the agency unveils case study success stories this fall.

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Transmission Play

Bonneville Power provides safe, reliable and low-cost transmission service to the Pacific Northwest by operating and maintaining existing transmission facilities, designing and constructing new transmission lines and facilities, and working with the regional stakeholders and customers to plan for future system needs.

Hydropower Play

Bonneville Power markets and distributes the power generated from the 31 federally owned hydro projects on the Columbia and Snake Rivers, which are owned and operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Bureau of Reclamation. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, some or all of your electricity probably comes from the BPA or is transmitted over our power lines. And your electric bill helps pay for BPA, which provides power at cost and funds the region's efforts to protect and restore fish and wildlife populations in the Columbia River Basin.

Energy Efficiency & Conservation Play

Bonneville Power promotes and fosters the efficient use of energy in the Pacific Northwest. Energy efficiency is clean and emission free, making it the world's most environmentally and economically friendly energy resource.

Environment, Fish & Wildlife Play

Environmental values are an important part of our Pacific Northwest heritage. So, too, is the low-cost and clean energy produced by federal hydroelectric facilities located throughout the Columbia River Basin. Today, BPA and its partners operating the Federal Columbia River Power System are working diligently to protect and enhance our environmental, fish, and wildlife values, and ensure these qualities for future generations.

BPA Science Lab Series Play

The BPA Science Lab is a series of simple, hands-on science experiments that spark kids' interest in science and engineering. Science Lab experiments can be used in the classroom or at home, and are suitable for kids in fourth through 12th grades. Each experiment features simple tools and ingredients, and includes downloadable instructions. http://www.bpa.gov/corporate/education/curriculum.cfm

BPA Turns 75, A Look Back and A Look Ahead Play

To commemorate the Northwest's legacy of clean, affordable hydropower, we invite you to watch and share "BPA Turns 75: A Look Back and A Look Ahead," a six-part series of short videos that show the history and benefits of delivering power at the lowest cost, as well as the economic, spiritual and cultural impacts of dam construction. Join us as we look at the challenges, successes and partnerships that have marked the last 75 years and those that will define our future.

Also included, two other videos promoting Bonneville's history.

DOE Smart Grid Workforce Training Play

BPA partnered with Washington State University and the Northwest Workforce Training Center for Electric Power Engineering to develop these four videos that look at three common high-voltage transmission phenomena: corona, electrostatic induction and conductor or power line sag. The training videos are featured in new curriculum for power engineers that's part of a nationwide smart grid workforce training project sponsored by the Department of Energy. The tests were conducted at BPA's High Voltage Lab in Vancouver, Wash.
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