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Bombay Bassment

Hip Hop [Never Be The Same]

16,460 views 3 years ago
Exclusive TV premier on VH1 India Rules starting on 18th April 2011 - 28th April 2011.

Bombay Bassment's 1st single released on Stupid Ditties: Awesome Foursome Indie compilation on 31st Oct 2010.

Directed, Produced & Edited by our very own talented emcee Bobkat. This video was his first independent project and he delivered it in a tiny budget of INR 10K.

Bobkat plans to produce more viral videos for Bombay Bassment in near future.

First there was an emcee tuning on the heat,

Then I heard a drummer boy blessing with a beat,

Then another brother hit me with a funky bass line

DJ on the side, now we killing at the same time,

Hip hop, it will never be the same,

Peace to the old school they made the game,

Then disrespectful kids with no shame,

Messed up the game coz they lived for fame

Making hip hop the object of hatred by senators

With cats that will fight you and bite like predators,

But still, a brother never quit,

Coz when I'm on the stage I know this thing will be a hit,

They killed hip-hop so now it's time we resurrect it,

Exhume from the ground, raise the pillars and erect it,

Deflect any forces tat come and try interpolate it,

And show them how it's meant to be, the way we operate it, yeah!

Hip hop it will never be the same, never, never, never be the same X4

I give props to those that deserve respect,

To those that laid the map to the prospect,

To those that froze critics as hip hop rose

With the rhymes and the prose the rocked at the shows,

I wish lots of shame to those acting lame

Dissing veterans, like without them they would have game

And even though we know the game will never be the same

It remains the truth, old school forever rules,

I hit this and dismiss the self styled critics,

They need to sit when I represent and take minutes,

I kick rhyme and reason each and every single season

And I cast a spell. Like I'm exorcising demons,

True heads react to this, watch as I'm enacting this,

You can take a ride as long as you don't try distracting this,

After all we know the pop is gonna flop,

And we ain't gonna sell our souls to make it to the top Yeah

Hip hop it will never be the same, never, never, never be the same X4

All my ladies tonight now just get it on,

All ma players tonight, now jus get it on,

If you feeling this hit, you better get it on,

Jus get it on, now just get it on

The quintessential essence of hip hop remains,

It goes through the highs and lows but regains,

The status of the game is not defined by the sales,

But the number of kids that feel the logic that we kicking,

The science laced with a touch of defiance,

Only for the heads that rock to this alliance,

Reminisce the days Pete Rock and CL Smooth,

The dream someday that I'd be spitting in the booth,

The groove so funky, nobody getting punky,

While boxers fight emcees spit it right,

Now don't you underestimate a brother coz he's skinny,

It's all about the force and the belief that's in within me,

And I can tell right now I'm the original

Son of the soil, true blood and aboriginal,

Born to spit, the realest you will ever get,

The game will never die and I'm willing to make a bet yeah!

Hip hop it will never be the same, never, never, never be the same X4 Show less
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Live @ Inorbit Play

Bombay Bassment Live @ Inorbit, Malad. 4th December 2010
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