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BobkerYa - Lady Catherine (Funk)

7 views 3 months ago
An experiment in funk rock. Any resemblances between people in the song and real or ficticious people outside of the song are coincidental.


Lady Catherine, why won't you tell me what is wrong?
Lady Catherine, don't you think it's been to long?
Lady Catherine, why won't you tell me what to do?
Lady Catherine, you know I only ever wanted you.

I don't know how to help you.
I don't know how to make it right.
If you're too tired and I'm too lazy
then let's just give up and say good night, all right?


You know I don't believe it's your fault.
I hope that you don't think it's mine.
If you think that we can make it work out
then baby, won't you give me a sign? It'll work out fine.


[Guitar Solo]


I don't need your forgiveness.
I don't need you to understand.
I just want you to be my woman.
Won't you let me be your man?

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