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An amazing Security solution for windows - Winlock Pro Version 12

803 views 9 months ago
Website - www.winlockpro.org

Winlock is more than just a security software, it is a very simple and elegant solution to all the other alternatives out there. As you can clearly see the entire interface is almost an exact replica of the Windows 8 lock screen and we coupled this with powerful under the hood security to keep you safe from hackers and other threats. What makes us truly different to everyone else out there is that we listen to our users, if you don't like something tell us and we will immediately fix it for you..

Core features -
Replaces your old windows lock screen with a more secure and reliable one
Windows 8 resemblance
Quick and responsive
Very tiny application and has a quick setup process
View login attempts that have occurred
Sends you an email if many failed attempts occur
Shuts down the computer if multiple failed attempts occur
Charms bar imported from windows 8 for easy access to settings
Cannot be closed by any means (till correct password is inputted)
Simple and friendly user interface
One click access to all your settings
Powerful security (No one can get through us and even if there is a loophole we will find it)
Beautiful custom made buttons and graphics
Extremely fast and responsive

Extras - Just to make life easier -
View login attempts that have occurred and other failed attempt settings
Sound control
Check internet status
Leave a note
Tons of beautiful wallpapers
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