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The Black N' Blue Trio (Channel Intro / Season 4 Starter)

1,579 views 11 months ago
For the people who are new to my channel: Welcome! I make stop motion Garry's Mod videos. You can consider me "normal-ish" compared to those who make random or serious GMod videos. Those of you who think this will look nice, thank you and take a look! For those who already don't like it because of the fact I have an OC with Fluttershy & Rainbow Dash, let me explain. Fluttershy actually kind of represents a love of mine in real life, and Rainbow Dash... she's just been around for so long in my channel it shouldn't matter anymore. Take a look anyway.
If you want backstories on some of this, then you'll have to watch a few of my past videos. I will warn you though: since I wasn't as good as I was now, you might find a few things confusing (especially with Infatuation, since I was going to make a trilogy with it included, but I quit production of the second part).

For the subscribers I already have, this is what I'll call the start of "Season 4" of my channel. The reason I call it Season 4 is because of two reasons:
1. Since I gradually get better, I ought to split up my videos into different sections to tell when I was mediocre, when I've gotten better, & how I am now.
2. I feel like I change my styles a little each time Bengamin Retsechro [who is now named Silent Heart (I'll explain later why)] gets a model update.
I would've shown how Ben gets his new look in a different video, but I never gained everything I needed for it.
Also, the human Ben you'll see is actually different from the one I'll use.

Anyway, for all who watch my channel, enjoy what you see!

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