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backflip in unexpected locations

581,862 views 2 years ago
Check out some fails at the end of this video:


I got bored so i did some backflips to see how people would react. Many different locations including libraries, malls, outdoors, schools, and class rooms.

Mississauga and Toronto in Canada

Humber College North Campus
Square One
Woodbine Mall
Tim Hortons
Wacky Wings
Petro Canada
Wal Mart

You might see me at Humber north, i go there as a full time student Show less
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COD2 High FPS Jump Series Play

Call of Duty 2 jump videos, to do all of these jumps shown, you must have 125, 250, or 333 FPS. Some require 333, not 125 or 250. To change your FPS in game, open the console with the tilde key (`~) and type "/com_maxfps #" (no quotes, change # to the max framerate.)
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