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Bleu Oleander

Something's Buggin' Me

609 views 2 years ago
MachinimUWA V: Seek Wisdom
University of Western Australia
June 2012

Machinima and Music by Bleu Oleander

My video challenges viewers to contemplate what constitutes wisdom for them. Wisdom ... the cultural narratives we absorb; the narratives we tell ourselves. We seek wisdom in the words and ideas of others, in the experience of everyday life, in art, music, dance and theater.

I've used references to Greek oracles, institutes of higher learning and contemporary art to suggest that we find wisdom in a variety of places. Oberon Onmura's beautiful piece "Awareness Array" is the perfect metaphor for this reflection on wisdom. Wisdom starts with awareness, coming to us from many sources. We incorporate that wisdom into our own self wisdom ... wisdom for how a life can be lived to enhance human flourishing.

Images of the UWA Treasures are used with permission and incorporated into the video as part of MachinimUWA V: Seek Wisdom, University of Western Australia:

Image of artwork by Alec Mijelmarnganu Mingelmanganu Wandjina
UWA University Coat of Arms

Special thank you to Oberon Onmura for allowing me to capture video of his installation, "Awareness Array." Show less
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