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allison argent | "I'm in the arms of my first love..." {3x23}

5,384 views 4 months ago
» ..it's perfect. i'm in the arms of my first love, the first person i've ever loved, the person i'llalways love, i love, i love you scott. scott mccall.. «
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Allison Argent died protecting her friends and living by her code that she made and don't any of you fucking forget it!

Hey here is my 1st Teen Wolf video, i'm sad it has to be a video tribute to Allison Argent's death but sadly it is.
it's also was my 5th youtube/vidding anniversary 4 days ago. I wanted to make a happy cute multicouples video then this happened, & i needed to make this video.
Allison's death has broke me, like literally nothing on any other show mattered to me anymore, i was literally crying randomly for this 1st 2 days & i still do. I loved her so much, & Scallison was my otp along with Stydia on Teen Wolf. They were my 1st couple on Teen Wolf i loved & i never stopped loving.
that really fucking hurts b/c i really thought they would end up together. :(

I also completely blame Kira's mom for this, it's not really the nogitsune's fault because Kira's mom brought that thing on them all, whether she meant to or not, she is 900+ yr old kitsune who should know what nogitsune's were like and what would happen, yet she summoned it anyways. Also, she summoned the damn Oni's so again her fault, she also stupidly allowed the nogitsune to find her last physical representation of her tail & use it to control the oni's, & she also stepped back & watched on as teenagers fought the oni. IDC if one's a hunter, two are werewolves, one's a banshee, & one is her daughter who is a kitsune, she's 900 yrs old, she should of fucking helped.

Anyways rant over. Sorry the video is shit, don't even say it's not because compared to my other videos it's complete shit, but it was a video made to help me get some of these emotions out of me and into something productive, it would've been uploaded on Wednesday but i had to keep putting it off b/c i have school & a huge project to do, also an exam on Monday. So this is being uploaded b/c it's still a video i made (abeit a shitty one) but it helped me theraputically with my feelings over Allison's death. Yes i still want to curl up in a ball and die, but i feel a little better. I will be making a better tribute to my warrior princess.

if you watch this, please leave a comment & rate i understand if you hate it b/c like i said it's shitty but it holds a place in my heart since it helped me grieve a bit. :)

P.S there is a glitch near the very end, i didn't feel like waiting another 2 hrs to re-render it so i didn't bother trying to fix it. Show less
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