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Myles Dyer

2012 in a Vlogshell

37,049 views 1 year ago
When I thought my life couldn't get any crazier, 2012 exceeded 2011 on so many levels. I enjoy making these 'in a Vlogshell' videos so much, that I plan on making these annually for the rest of my life - will you join me and do the same?
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CNN Florida GOP Debate - http://youtu.be/QKjCEn7ad7E
Hear me sleep talk - http://youtu.be/QawiDuaQ-Js
What are you capable of? - http://youtu.be/pzU7e8QnpzA
My SOPA protest video - http://youtu.be/cVbmYaimxcY
Analysis of Nicki Minaj's STUPID HOE - http://youtu.be/xFpbu15KBKI
Question of the Day - http://www.youtube.com/Ques...
Tommy Wiseau & Greg Sestero interview - http://youtu.be/HO2OD8b_-6o
Dealing with my Uncle's death - http://youtu.be/exK_yE67OgM
Charles Trippy Vs Tumor - http://youtu.be/BoCzo9BPlrI
Blogpost externalising my inner-scare - http://blade376.tumblr.com/...
My band Schemata Theory - http://www.youtube.com/Sche...
TED Talk audition - http://youtu.be/eLT4yf8ZyJ4
Realize & Empathize lecture - http://youtu.be/M-8jfIjhtFU
Noisy cat outside my house - http://soundcloud.com/music...
Prometheus Review - http://youtu.be/K5FH2NYH-wY
IN GOD WE TRUST trailer - http://youtu.be/m-TTwFujxU0
Robert Llewellyn's Fully Charged - http://youtu.be/b71wC4z8its
Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson's 'We stopped dreaming' rant - http://youtu.be/3_F3pw5F_Pc
London Real interview - http://youtu.be/DHIUeFRv3lQ
Preview of TUESDAY music video - http://youtu.be/Pplgd8VlUeQ
RIP Ryan Basilo - http://www.youtube.com/thet...
Why the Diamond Jubilee was not for me - http://youtu.be/J-pQGol7i8o
Discussing the existence of consciousness with Burton C Bell - http://youtu.be/zkDo1u9re-4
£1 Fish original video - http://youtu.be/ETSl8gWsFZ0
Lunch with SORTED food - http://youtu.be/i_EUvwQlaFY
Vidcon 2012 talk - http://youtu.be/c0GlJ9GIKx8
Vidcon interview with Shira Lazar - http://youtu.be/36lBJH2NzsM...
Amy May's single REAL - http://youtu.be/cVOyZZ_SdvM
ChannelFlip Summer Party - http://youtu.be/s8RqXrcAixQ
Granny in Olympic Missile Accident - http://youtu.be/CR5FhhE2ovk
Where I hosted my LIVE shows - http://www.stickam.com/blad...
Russian version of olympic missile video - http://youtu.be/vZAtMKZVM0c
Hot Shot 2012 - http://youtu.be/_5lLJHsZ_Fs
NASA's Curiosity Rover landing - http://youtu.be/P4boyXQuUIw
Summer In The City - http://www.youtube.com/SITC
Went to Summer In The City!
Abby Martin's BREAKING THE SET - http://www.youtube.com/Brea...
ChannelFlip WEEKLY - http://www.youtube.com/Chan...
Dave Erasmus & Givey - http://www.youtube.com/GiveyTV
My take on the Innocence of Muslims - http://youtu.be/67fezDoyCoE
Fake anti-smoking ad: http://youtu.be/zTk8I0luDvg
JuiceMedia's take on the US Presidential Debates - http://youtu.be/WpMPu5p_QXU
Anti-Bullying 2012 'We're better without bullying" - http://youtu.be/exzm6C4vEBg
What Felix Baumgartner really said as he fell - http://youtu.be/kDHKe_cVHVs
Stickaid 2013 Announcement Show Recording - http://youtu.be/3oOIoSbwA1c
Band's music video A COMPLEX SLATE - http://youtu.be/0gLG_KCY_D0
My friend BrizzyVoices - youtube.com/brizzyvoices
Mr Weebl & RIGHT SAID FRED Xmas single - http://youtu.be/6maPPalqupc
Becoming YouTube documentary - http://youtu.be/G6p1JBYWFt0

"When you encounter 'ignorant' views; Don't hate. Educate!"

"No matter how painful things may be today, don't let politicians hijack your feelings."

"The truth sometimes hurts, but I like to regard it as growing pains" - Universal Solutions Project

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